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Sandpipers of Naples
A Fun-Loving, Caring, Sharing Club
Sandpipers of Naples was created to provide a social and informative setting in which lasting friendships can be built and nurtured.  The club provides diverse gatherings for women residents of Naples, Florida, including:
  • Monthly luncheons, typically followed by informative speakers, games, or other surprises.  Members must attend at least five monthly luncheons per year to remain in good standing.
  • Monthly events dreamed up each year, such as picture painting, games, or other surprises.
  • Ongoing activities that reflect current members' interests, such as Saturday Night Social, Marathon Bridge, or Girls Night Out.
We welcome new members! 
Membership is open to former Newcomers Club members, members of other Newcomers spinoff clubs, or women sponsored by current members of Sandpipers.
  • To find out how to become a member, click on How to Join.  You will find The Privacy & Protection of Data Agreement and the Indemnity Form on this page.
  • To become a member, click on Join.
Sandpipers of Naples, P.O. Box 8763, Naples, FL 34101
Any questions, please email info@sandpipersofnaples.com
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